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Headquarters : OTONET , Espace des entrepreneurs, 5 rue du Chant des Oiseaux 78360 Montesson || Copyrigh Paris, 2010 s.a.r.l. OTONET

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Object Technology On the NET

Profil of OTONET

OTONET is a privately owned Information Technology Services organization. The company was established in 1998 at Bidart, Basque Country in France and was originally located in the famous Izarbel Technology Park.
In June 2001 the company relocated to the region of Paris with headquarters at Montesson. In January 2009 to extend services to Swiss based financial institutions OTONET opened additional location in the Haute Savoie region in the Archamps, close to Geneva .
OTONET custom develops software to consolidate, simplify and improve data protection to enable enterprise secure file transfer services. Our services focus on audit, design, integration and maintenance of IT services infrastructure.
Each of our Professional Services Consultants presents over 20 years of experience and extensive business practical knowledge in the area of organisation of files transfer secure services for enterprises. This allows OTONET to recommend, design, develop, implement and maintain solutions crafted exclusively for the domain explicit to the organization after analysis of organization's current configuration and existing implementation of files transfers services. Multiple national and international compliance regulations e.g., Single European Payment Area demand set of new policies for the information exchange between European banks and its customers. Decommission of the X25 national network announced by ORANGE (owner of former TRANSPAC) at the end of 2011 implies a need for substantial transition effort across almost all enterprises.
These and future conversions require assurance and commitment from custom solutions service providers to continuation of support and maintainance of applications based on third party technologies and to provide stability of services for national banks, their subsidiaries and other financial institutions. OTONET ensures partnership with all customers and guarantees continuation of technology support and ongoing maintenance. We will also assist organizations in need to re-engineer current technology to adapt to the new requirements and regulations.
OTONET customers enjoy convenience of fixed price contract, ensuring achievement of expected results and better management of their own resources.


The company has proven track record and proficiency in secure file transfer services across enterprises :