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IXINET, which exists today as a prototype, offers a file transfer service infrastructure which consists of multiple components installed in the trust zone and / or in different DMZs of the enterprise.

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Object Technology On the NET


The OTONET's file transfer process focuses on the transfer method and not on the file itself.
The design of OTONET products is based on the idea that each file transfer is a networks process which can be controlled, managed and measured on an expert level.
All OTONET products have a attribute allowing a dynamic redirection of the flow of a file transfer based on its negotiation parameters.
The redirection of a file transfer flow may be limited to choose destination address depending on the parameters of the negotiation protocol, but can also change the transport protocol and/or ensure SSL/TLS securing. A protocol conversion is planned for the next version the product.
All existing products use the PeSIT protocol TCP/IP and X25, however other protocols can be easily implemented.
All these products are designed to simplify, secure and make reliable file transfer services enterprise infrastructure.Their deployement permits to reduce the cost of investments and of its operation.


XTB (X25 - TCP/IP Bridge) is a file transfer bridge between X25 and TCP/IP networks for PeSIT protocol.

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