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Our vision

OTONET was created in 1998. Its name stands for Object Technology On the NET. Fascinated by the scope of object technology, the internet and TCP/IP file transfer protocols, the founders were convinced, unlike the experts of the time, that file transfer products and services would rise in demand exponentially with the growth of the internet. Any information that could be transformed into a series of data could be recorded or sent over any network.

Over 20 years later, it is clear that their vision for the future was the right one.

The recent partnership between OTONET and US-based software provider HelpSystems made this vision a reality. Today, OTONET’s PeSIT java connectors integrate into HelpSystems’ GoAnywhere MFT to securely transfer not just sequential files but also any serializable object stored on a local server or in the cloud. Tomorrow, this will be possible with EBICS.

Today, the goal of OTONET is to provide Java connectors as subcomponents of business applications or global MFT solutions to expand their file exchange capabilities using various public protocols.

Our Own Story

Since 1998, OTONET has specialized in auditing, design, integration and maintenance of infrastructure and production of corporate file transfer services for major banks and companies. In its longstanding missions in major accounts at groups such as Crédit Agricole, BPCE and BNP Paribas, OTONET has the experience and the expertise to define, develop and provide its own reliable protocol connectors as subcomponents for file exchange platforms and MFT solutions.

The majority of MFT products are built upon various protocols such as FTP(S), SFTP and HTTP(S) which are widespread due to their open source and easy-to-access nature. On the other hand there exist the lesser known publicly open protocols such as PeSIT and EBICS. These two powerful protocols, though very different from each other, provide unique functionalities that enable the organization of real corporate file transfer services with underlying technologies that were created to handle the specific needs of the industry.

About us