Some references

FORTRA’s (former HelpSystems’) GoAnywhere MFT is the fastest-growing secure managed file transfer solution on the market. It integrates OTONET’s PeSIT Java connectors.

i-BP (today BPCE-IT) has used EBICS-Data Server (a subset of the EBICS protocol and predecessor of EBICS Server Connector) for several years in production, and for over 8 years has relied on OTONET’s expertise in file transfer service architecture.

For 5 years, OTONET has provided consulting on IT architecture and production for file transfer services to CAAGIS.

For 4 years, BP2I has relied on OTONET consulting for IT and production for file transfer services.

For 15 years, SG entrusted OTONET with TPAM of a file transfer product used in several of its entities.

Some references