MFT X-Protocols

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MFT X-Protocols is a multi-layer solution equipped with a core allowing the execution of several types of protocols (PeSIT, EBICS but also FTPS, SFTP, etc.) to exchange files with parteners using different protocols.

Its architecture makes possible to act as an origine or a final destination of a transfer or on an intermidiate node being able to assure an uni-protocol transfer betwenn adjacent nodes or to do on-line protocol conversion between nodes using different protocols.

MFT X-Protocols
All PESIT Client & Server connectors features
All EBICS Client & Server connectors features
FTP Connector
FTPS Connector
SFTP Connector
HTTP Connector
Protocols transformation
General Monitoring (partners, files, transfers etc..)
Detailed Monitoring (with scheduling)
MFT X-Protocols