Light PeSIT Client

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PeSIT Light Client is a very simple, stand-alone product allowing to establish a connection (secured or not) with PeSIT server, to send or receive a file/InputStream/OutputStreamĀ  or to send a PeSIT message using PeSIT protocol according the scenario presented at its launch.

Some PeSIT identifications are fixed by the license and only one Requester/Server couple or/and only one type of identified File can be used.

Light PeSIT Client
Establishment of TCP/IP connection with PeSIT Server (secured or not)
Support of SOCKS Proxy
Establishment of PeSIT connection with server authentication if requested
Negociation of file/InputStream/OutputStream transfer .
Management of negociated transfer preserving transferd file format (binary, text, fixe/variable records ou stream data)
Send of PeSIT message (<256 octets)
Send of PeSIT message (>256 octets)
Restart of interrupted transfer.
Light PeSIT Client